Fill out this application if you are interested in joining our paid executive board--the team that oversees the operation of WTHS, from the music to the news.


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What executive position(s) interest you? Check all that apply:

Oversees all programming that is broadcast. In charge of and responsible for scheduling shows, hiring DJs and any responsibilities associated with DJ supervision.
Responsible for the the production of any recorded programming not under the jurisdiction of the Music Directors, and is in charge of the production facilities. Including production of all promos and spots. Basic experience with Adobe Audition or related audio editing program required.
Responsible for all promotion and publicity of the station, maintaining campus events, and creatively promoting the station through advertising campaigns.
Manages and organizes news updates to be recorded and played through automation throughout each day during the school year.
Manages and organizes updates to the website and ensures that information is correct.


Which position from the list above interests you most? Please specify a position.

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Do you have any experience that is relevant to the position you are interested in? Please indicate:

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What other activities are you involved in on or off campus? Please include offices held and specific commitments at the time of applying for the executive board:

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I give my permission allowing the Student Development office of Hope College to review my disciplinary records on behalf of WTHS. I understand that my involvement with WTHS is contingent on a successful review of my file. I also understand that this release will be kept on file, and my records may be reviewed at anytime while I remain a DJ, volunteer, or staff member of WTHS.


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